Advantages And Disadvantages Of Visa Credit Cards

The present scenario is of technology, mobile phones and such multi media support network. Credit cards, debit cards and such cards are the method through which a person can make his payment transactions. The Visa Cards in one such way wherein a person makes his payment mode of paying. Visa card is one of the new payment features with which a person can get to check out instantly as he does not need to fumble in his wallet for cash. With the aid of the visa card, he can wave this card in front of a counter and do his work instantly without waiting endlessly for exchange of money and changes.

Process of the visa card

As far as visa cards are concerned, a person can retain the control of the card but to some extent. He has to be aware of his card limitations and see that he does not face any fraud. There are over thirty two thousand retailers from over twenty top brands which accept Visa payments. For a person, through the card, it becomes easy and simple to save his precious time each day with instant service at restaurants, movie theatres and such stores.

Credit Card Data Breaches – EMV – Merchant Services

As a business owner, have you heard the terminology, EMV? If not you will likely hear it soon as the spring influx of new merchant services reps hit the street and come knocking on your door. The purpose of this article is to bring you information on this technology so that you are on top of your game.

As defined by Wikipedia, EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, a global standard for inter-operation of integrated circuit cards (IC cards or “chip cards”) and IC card capable Point of Sale (POS) terminals and automated teller machines (ATM’s) for authenticating credit and debit card transactions. EMV is a joint effort with the three entities to ensure the security and global interoperability of chip-based payment cards.

OK, so now you know what it is but what effect does it have on you and your business? Certainly you’re aware of the huge data breach at Target during the holiday shopping season. And maybe, to a lesser extent, you have heard of the Neiman Marcus data breach as well that dates back as far as July of 2013. Estimates indicate that at least 110 million consumers were affected by these hacks. Obviously, simply because of the

Loans For Bad Credit No Guarantor No Fees- No Guarantee Required

As the name suggests, loans with credit and no guarantor are the loans that are provided in the absence of guarantor. If you are one of those who suffer from bad credit scores, and find yourself in need of loan, you can be denied by financial institutions. But not so with the advent of the loans for bad credit no guarantor no fees. They take care of your economic requirements in the time of emergencies.

A guarantor loan is the one which can be taken only when the bad credit people find a guarantor. He usually would be a family member with a steady job and good credit scores who would sign on the loan deal along with the applicant and help him avail the loan. His credit score would be checked and proof of employment would be required.

The Loans for bad credit no guarantor no fees is available in two formats- Secured and unsecured. The secured variety is provided only in the presence of security against the cash advances. So, only those people who own valuables in the form of property, vehicle or stock can apply for these loans and get benefited with the loan amount.

Secure your Credit Card from phishing and fraud

How anyone can hack information from website?

Hackers are always there on internet to steal your credit card numbers, email passwords and credential information. When you start paying on website you enter your credit card number and secret code on website. This information will go on internet. Now if the information does not pass on secure way then hacker will hijack your credit card. To know more visit: CLICKSSL

How can I know that website is secured or not?

Well, it is so simple to identify secure website. Website should work on HTTPS:// protocol. For example: . SSL Certificate is only a security solution that can provide secure way to transfer data over internet. Check your website security status HERE

How SSL Secures data?

SSL Certificate use Data encryption and decryption technology for data transmission. SSL use 256 bit encryption level to encrypt data. So no one can hack your information.

When you open site with HTTPS:// site should work fine without any error or warning message. Now you can see SSL Lock Icon on browser window.

What type of SSL Certificate website should have?

Below is list for SSL Providers CA

Learn How To Read Penny Stock Market Quotes

The stock market can be can be very intimidating to the novice investor, especially in times of high volatility. Learning the basic skills in penny stock trading, such as how to read stock market quotes is very important. This is because once you have this basic skill, it will be a lot easier and quicker to understand the more complex areas of penny stocks trading. By the time you finish this article, you’ll learn how to read stock market charts, especially if you are a beginner in trading.

The first thing to do is to find a good site on the internet where you can find free stock chart. Sites like yahoo finance, google finance,, etc. You do not need to register in order to access these free stock charts. The free stock chart helps you to predict the future of a particular penny stock, and have a clear picture of market trends.

The OHLC charts are the common type of free stock charts. OHLC simply means Open, High, Low, Close chart. The OHLC chart is divided into two – the plain vanilla and the candlestick chart. These charts contain the following basic information:
The time frame